Lighthub 05 Foot Male Wire (4-Pack)


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Product Description


Trex LightHub 5 Foot Male Wire (4-Pack)


• Compatible with all Trex Outdoor Lighting products
• Silver coated copper wire in a direct bury covering
• Plugs are oriented to maintain polarity
• Links Trex 6-way splitters together for an easy installation


Trex is known for innovations that make outdoor living easier. The latest example of that is the Trex LightHub installation system. Oriented for polarity and made from high quality silver-coated copper in a direct bury sheath, this wire is perfect for outdoor use. Ditch the hassle of stripping wires, struggling with messy gel filled wire nuts and lights going out due to lost connections. The LightHub system is as simple as plugging in a lamp.


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Weight 1.00 lbs